The paginator component allows dividing large amounts of content into multiple pages.


currentPage: number1Number of the current selected page.
itemsPerPage: number5Number of items per page.
itemsPerPageOptions: number[][]An array of numbers representing the items per page options. If undefined, the select with items per page options will not be displayed.
itemsPerPageFunction: functionThis function will be called when the user selects an item per page option.
totalItems: number1Total number of items in the pages.
showGoToPage: booleanfalseIf true, a select will be displayed with the page numbers to move through them
onPageChange: functionThis function will be called when the user clicks on any of the button to change pages. The page number will be passed as a parameter to this function.
tabIndex: number0Value of the tabindex.


Items per page

This is an example of how to display 'Items per Page' select and how to handle it through the itemsPerPageFunction.